1968 Camaro is the second generation of Chevrolet Camaro. The design of this car is similar with the previous design which is 1967 Camaro. This kind of car is a convertible car so that you will get fresh air when you open the car. Like another Chevrolet Camaro, the engine is still quiet same so that there will no significant improvement from the engine. From the body, there is still no significant improvement. There is only a door which can be used for four until five passengers to be entered in the car. However, you can custom the door. What does it means? It means that you can custom the door. If you want to have two couple door, you can make it. Interior design is also the same.

If you want to have this car, you have to know the price. 1968 Camaro will be sold in $99,000. There are some options of interior and exterior design of this car. For the first is interior design. Interior design of this car mostly uses black color. This means that all of things inside of the car use black color. However, for the leather is different. 1968 Camaro usually uses brown leather as the color. If you bored with black color, you can combine black with another color. Black and silver is the perfect combination for the interior design. Black and silver will make your color is more luxurious. For exterior design, blue is the best color. Combine blue with little white for the back of the car. Beside make your car has different look, this also makes your car become unique.

1968 Camaro has limited technology in the car. What does it means? It means that this car do not utilize the technology or this car is not equipped the technology. As people know, modern car is usually equipped by technology. Technology which is usually used in the modern car is Bluetooth, GPS or navigation, and also LCD. However this kind of car has not been equipped by that technology. Although there is no technology or limit technology which is used in this car, however you can make it by yourself. What does it means? It means that you can custom your car with that technology. For example when you have smartphone, you can integrate your smartphone to know the navigation.

Talk about unique car, this will be one of the best car in the world. This can be proven by most people in the world is still looking for this car nowadays. When you did a great custom for your car, your car will be the modern car. However when you want to custom your car, you should come to the right people. This means that you should come to the best custom shop so that your car will not be broken. Make it right, so you will get the newest car look. Although you have to spend your money, you will not that regret. Be the best custom for 1968 Camaro.

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