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1982 Mini Van

Was obviously a commercially made panel van rated at ¼-ton load capability. Built around the longer Traveller chassis but without having side windows, it demonstrated popular in 1960s Great britain as a less expensive substitute for the vehicle. It had been classed as a industrial vehicle and therefore carried no florida sales tax. A set of simple imprinted steel slots served instead of a far more costly stainless grill.

1982 Mini Van Front Side View

1982 Mini Van The Mini Van was re-named as the Mini 95 in 1978, the number which represents the gross automobile weight of 0.95 tons. 521,494 were built. Regardless of this renaming, the motoring public continued to call it the actual Mini Van.

1982 Mini Van

rare classic MINI VAN LHD
new brake system
Sc heibenbremse front for 10 \New exhaust
New tire 145/70 R 10
The vehicle comes with new MOT and full
Maintenance service provided
Older restoration
No \Truck registration possible 56th – tax / year!

1982 Mini Van Enggine View

1982 Mini Van Front Interior View

1982 Mini Van Rear Side View

1982 Mini Van Side View

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