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2012 BMW M5 is a high-performance sports car whose exceptional

exceptional dynamic potential is targeted squarely towards the demands of track use yet that also sets a brand new benchmark in everyday driving using its supreme touring comfort and innovative equipment features. Additionally, it sets the interest rate in the class when it comes to efficiency. The car’s good reputation for success inside a segment founded a lot more than twenty five years ago through the original BMW M5 is placed to carry on in thrillingly contemporary style.

2012 BMW M5 Exterior Rear Side View

2012 BMW M5 Front Side View

2012 BMW M5 with hallmark M design elements make a genuine contribution to meeting technical requirements.

The style of your body faithfully showcases the standout qualities from the new BMW M5. The dynamic proportions and stylishly authoritative appearance from the BMW 5-Series Saloon continues to be further enhanced by adding M-specific design features. The carefully selected modifications are targeted especially meeting the technical demands from the vehicle, which makes them a central component of our prime-performance Saloon’s overall concept. The car’s remarkable potential is outlined subtly with impressive authenticity through the distinctive elements of design on its front, sides and rear finish.

2012 BMW M5 Dynamically formed intakes ensure precise airflow and optimum cooling.

The running value of the forward-projecting central aperture is emphasised through the width from the vehicle, which propagates out for the road surface, and also the sticking out type of the contour lines. The 2 side air intakes, meanwhile, possess a dynamically curving form. Situated far towards the outer edges from the vehicle, they stress its wide track and fill the spaces right in front apron the BMW 5-Series Saloon normally restricted to foglamps. In the lower fringe of the front-end, air-channelling flaps developed around the track ensure optimized the rules of aerodynamics.

2012 BMW M5 Front View

2012 BMW M5 Rear Side View

2012 BMW M5 Side View

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