2013 Acura SUV-X Concept

The Acura Concept SUV-X is a international concept automobile for a small SUV creating mainly for the Chinese market. Here is the first time for Acura to add the international premiere of a concept design outside of North America. Emotional and razor-sharp design and driving overall performance, along with the environment overall performance of a small automobile and ideal power of an SUV are all fused with each other at a higher level in this automobile. Acura is intending to begin local manufacturing and sales in China of a mass-production model according to this idea vehicle for its market in approximately next three years.

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept Exterior Front Side View

Japan marque introduced at the outset of the month the latest concept for the Chinese auto show so we presumed it was a crossover. We had arrived right as the 2013 Acura SUV-X Concept  is a small SUV which was specifically designed for a local market. It signifies Acura’s first ever concept to be revealed past North America.

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept Exterior Side View

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept

Many experts have verified a creation model will go available for sale in China in somewhere around three years from now. The idea is being characterised as offering “emotional and sharp styling and generating overall performance” along with “environmental performance” plus the energy you generally get in an SUV. Regrettably, Acura did not release any information regarding what powers the Concept SUV-X but the majority very likely a version of a hybrid tech is protected.

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept Front Side View

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept Rear Side View

2013 Acura SUV-X Concept Side View

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