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The Latest in the German middle class trio 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 will leave the competition from Audi and Mercedes in the drive to look old. With the 3 Series hybrid technology offers better performance than the dual-charged 6-cylinder turbo-diesel but comparable fuel economy.

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 front angle


This involves the 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 is not primarily about thrift. Because with 250 kW/340 horse power, the hybrid version is at least until the start of the top model M3, the most powerful engine variants on offer. The performance consists of the power of 225 kW/306 horsepower six-cylinder Turbobenziners and the contribution of a 40 kW/54 horsepower electric motor.


Fuel savings resulting from the economic division of labor of Nitro and electric motor. The latter is primarily a support during acceleration is used. Over a distance of three to four kilometers, it can also up to a speed of 60 km/h alone take over the driving. A sailing mode helps save: In steady pace – such as the highway – is coupled to the engine off completely and leaves it to the electric drive, the speed to keep up to a limit of 160 km/h, or even win a generator. The same function, the electric motor also meets when braking at all speeds.

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 engine details

Together the engines heave up to 450 NM to the crankshaft – more than in the eight-cylinder M3 the previous generation. Nevertheless, 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 has the standard consumption of 6.4 liters per 100 kilometers will be around 12.5 percent compared to the alternative offered six-cylinder version of the BMW 335i without D support. By comparison, the previous model, the fuel consumption of the twin-turbocharged 335d was on 6.6 liters with 286 horsepower. Its engine capacity is lower than 2013 Buick Enclave capability. The successor of the value is likely to fall on the loose, however, the hybrid version, since all new 3 Series have a start-stop system, which uses part of the savings potential of hybrids.

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 interior design


2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 Should bring nothing but that at the performance: While the diesel, the old model has accelerated, for example in 6.0 seconds to 100, the 335i without hybrid needed in the Predecessor for the same exercise 5.6 seconds, which is 25 kg lighter successor’s created in 5.5 seconds. The hybrid model could therefore even scratch the 5-second mark.

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 performance


The electric motor is housed in the case of the eight-speed automatic.The lithium-ion batteries are located under the trunk floor. The cargo volume drops by 90 won to 390 liters. Prices calls BMW  not yet, at least EUR 50.000 but likely already incurred, the BMW 335i is priced at 43,600 Euros, the 335d was to have the predecessor for 45.900 Euros (with automatic transmission). Amortize the purchase price with lower fuel consumption – that might not even succeed so against the 335i without the hybrid module (consumes 7.9 liters according to standard).

2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 exterior

For this, the 2013 BMW ActiveHybrid 3 first needlessfear of direct competition. The Mercedes C-Class has probably survived until 2013 without the double-exchange model engine technology.The Audi A4 is the first edition of 2014. And dispensed with its competitors Lexus IS midsize model also currently on a hybrid drive.

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