With the BMW Gran Coupe 6 now has a four-door coupe in the range. The elegant sedan meets the high expectations of an upper-class BMW. However, the price is high – and the weight.

The devised by marketing strategists genre of “four-door coupe” is actually a contradiction in terms: a two-door coupé, by definition. When now presented, at least 79 500 euros expensive BMW Gran Coupe 6, the name is not so very far-fetched as the competing models: the new model, the BMW Gran Coupe 6 has just renewed for two doors. The technical effort was limited: The wheelbase is now again the same as the 5-series, on the 6 Series has always been based, in the rear area is the platform modified.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Front Side View

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Interior

The interior of the 6 Series Gran Coupe is identical to the front of the 6 Series Coupe: The dashboard is designed driver-friendly and of high quality that absolutely more sophisticated than 2013 Aston Martin DB9 design. The front and rear seats offer good lateral support, the space in the back seat is for a five-meter sedan but just enough. The boot holds 460 liters and can be expanded to 1265 liters.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Interior

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Exterior

Planned the Gran Coupe was not from the beginning. However, the decision was made pretty quickly on the development of the BMW Gran Coupe 6. The front end is now exactly the same, the center section last much longer, and the rear end again corresponds largely to the coupe. However, now is the moved to the top of the rear window third brake light a standalone accent. Its contour results from a subtle edge course in the roof.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Side View

The common ground group offers some advantages, but also disadvantages. And is one of them in the first place the considerable weight: Had BMW in the previous generation of 5s and 6s have used an aluminum front end, so it has fallen again to a steel construction in which the outer skin is however variously substituted by aluminum. The result is empty weights from 1825 to 2015 kilograms – it is even higher than for the same engine models of the 5 series.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Rear View

On the road it is possible the BMW Gran Coupe 6, about to play its high weight substantially. Helps, among other things the “Driving Experience Control”, you can switch to the selected depending on vehicle specification between different modes. In the “Sport” – and “Sport Plus” setting the sedan clearly gaining agility, albeit at the “Sport Plus”, the stability control intervenes early. In “Comfort” mode, the 6 tends stronger in curves, but the ride wins. Not recommended the choice of “Comfort Plus” – here the car tends to unpleasant ringing. Especially in the “Comfort” modes the electromechanical power steering feels a little sticky in the “Sport” modes to fit better. Incidentally, there is also a consumption-optimized setting called “Eco Pro”.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Engine

BMW Gran Coupe 6 offers for three engines. Entry-level model is the 640i with a 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder that comes with a turbocharged to 320 horsepower. Alternatively, there is the 640d with 313 horse power in-line six-cylinder turbo diesel with twin turbochargers. Top model until further notice the 650i with a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, which makes the new car for the first time 450 horse power. It is also available with all-wheel drive – then the way is a hydraulic power steering on board, which should improve steering performance, but consumes more energy.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Engine

For power transmission in all cases provides a very fast switching ZF eight-speed automatic. The procedures are performed either manually or by Paddle Shift selector lever on the center console. BMW here that follows the logic of race car and initiated by pulling the upshift, downshift, however pushing away with the lever, sporty drivers register grateful.

With all engines reached the 2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 delivers excellent performance. Both the six-cylinder 100-km/h reached in 5.4 seconds, the 650i manages it in 4.6 seconds, even with all-wheel drive in 4.4 seconds. The speed limit is generally 250 km / h electronically limited. There are differences in consumption, which in the cycle ranges from 5.7 liters for diesel and 9.2 liters for the 650i xDrive. Experience has shown that the expected fuel consumption surpassed the norm in practice significantly. Independent course is also the sound. This is likely in the autumn of next eight cylinder strong points, the six-cylinder petrol does not sound quite as silky as the precursor aggregates, so that the stage of sensible diesel should be easier.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Front

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 Price

Reason, however, is anyway not the decisive motive for buying these expensive 79,500 to 96,000 Euro sedan that even in the lowest performance level exceeds loose with a few extras the 100 000 euro threshold. The competition consists of Audi A7 and Mercedes-Benz CLS , the Porsche Panamera and the coupe-like Jaguar XF and XJ sedans. BMW even considered as a rival to the Aston Martin Rapide – a hint at what’s price climes, the new four-door model can be transported from Dingolfing.

2013 BMW Gran Coupe 6 photo gallery

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