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The body, wrapped by the carbon shell and Alcantara seat, 2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia is traversed by the vibrations of the engine, just sorted by the aluminum body. The right hand slides on the race of the steering wheel and turn the rotary knob three clicks, while the left foot hard on the brake pedal and the fingers of the hand holding pulled the paddle shift.

2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Front View

Exterior of 2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia

What will happen after this unusual starting procedure, we had never happened before: no hint of skid marks and even an engine that screams packed to the maximum speed the vehicle is stationary. A departure of 2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia seem quiet at first, which will become the driving experience more exciting than the entire car market today can offer. This exterior design is extremely more aerodynamics than 2013 Chevrolet Cruze Station Wagon. Once the rear wheels start to move, the V8 Maranello employs a fraction of a second to squirt from 1000 to 8600 RPM and burn the first gear. The LEDs on the top of the steering wheel light up progressively and at the stroke of the last light comes the shot you do not expect: in the second, more lights, another kick in the back and forth with the third, while one hundred decibels of beautiful mechanical music pierce the quiet in the passenger compartment.
The 2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia is all this and more. It is the most powerful sport that has passed under the knife of our test center but above all, the most important aspect of cold numbers, one of the most exciting road cars that exist on the square. The downside of technological progress is in fact represented by a general flattening: today’s machines are strong, but they do almost all the same way and with an ever decreasing amount of emotions to donate to the pilot.

2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Exterior

For reasons of safety, comfort and emissions,rightly so. But when it comes to supercars, the sensory aspect is in our opinion a priority. And we must acknowledge that the 2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia managed with the full intention. Many moves only see a Red. And driving it is a step away from heaven. But Scuderia goes further and adds an emotional component even more marked, that is able to distinguish it from most sporting temperamentally in circulation. There are two elements that contribute to this: the sound of the engine and transmission.

2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Rear Side View


The first was deliberately taken in high regard by the Ferrari engineers: the specific exhaust system with by-pass valves with variable geometry and resonators in the intake ducts, granted like a violin, the V8 4.3. With the result that at any speed and under load that gives the right foot to the accelerator, the driver can enjoy the widest range of notes to meet your hearing: a gurgling softly at low revs which is added a suction effect when the gas sinks because you open the by-pass valves, until you get a piercing cry when the tachometer is over eight thousand RPM. Not to mention the special effects of mold competitive arriving electronics, for example, when off the power during gear changes or cuts power out of corners.
Then there is the change that without rhetoric and mince words is actually defined as a transmission from F1. Firstly, because actually, the F1 gearbox SuperFast2 were applied the same principles and the same experience in racing, yet, the sixty milliseconds that pass between the insertion of a relationship and the other times are employing single-seaters 5/6 years ago and are not far from 30/40 ms of F1 today. With complete peace of mind we can therefore say that the Scuderia is absolutely the standard transmission closer to a sequential racing for speed, efficiency and speed of action. The strength of the Scuderia, among other things, is that these emotions are accessible to everyone, economics permitting.

2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Engine View


Take the hand lever on the steering wheel, for example, is not just a clever marketing tool to make us all feel a little ‘Schumy but a sophisticated piece of technology that allows you to enjoy the 430 degrees and to shape it to any situation: by driving programs that fit the response of the engine, transmission and electronic controls to work surfaces with poor grip up to the total exclusion of assistance.
In the latter case, with the option to manage the Scuderia unbridled electronics with the structure is rigid and soft solution desired by Michael Schumacher for a guide to the limit of uneven asphalt, laws such as the Nürburgring. Emotions run, therefore, with the caveat that in extreme driving on the track, the Scuderia should be given the Lei.

2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia Interior


Define this masterpiece strengthened and lightened would be an understatement. True that 20 more horses (obtained mainly in the intake) and 100 kg less (carbon, Lexan rear window, suspension components made of titanium) make this Ferrari has a power/weight ratio enviable: 2.45 kg/hp from which superlative performance. But it is especially the electronic part that deserves attention.
Starting from the gearbox SuperFast2: is characterized by a management that manages to fulfill all the operations changed almost instantaneously. A traditional robot, in fact, proceeds first by cutting power and disengages the clutch and then extracts the relationship and the upper part, and finally engages the clutch again and reactivate the power. The SuperFast2, thanks to a sophisticated management derived from racing, is able to perform the three moves almost instantaneously, in 60 milliseconds.

2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia on Track Race

2013 Ferrari 430 Scuderia photo gallery

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