2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is likely to be one of the favorite cars in 2013. Super sexy car is a dream car for anyone who saw it, and since the first car was a Ferrari into an idol. In addition to the luxury, and the latest technology, the speed is common place applied to any car output this Italian manufacturer. Consequently, the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta many get a positive response from the automotive world, from magazines, websites, automotive analysts and institutions.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta front side

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Exterior

In terms of appearance design 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta glance looks more modern and futuristic cars like Ferrari’s other output. Shape of the body is designed to get positive and negative responses from Ferrari lovers. But overall exterior gets the credit. Aerodynamic factors are so highly visible from the short form of the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. F12 Berlinetta take the aerodynamic properties of Ferrari’s 599XX. Aero Bridge is a new feature that is installed in the front of the car, this feature serves to generate downforce. Total downforce of this luxury car is 123 kg at 200 km / h.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta engine view

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta was designed by a team of “Oaxley Design”, they made some changes and has made some subtle modifications, such as the suspension a little more flat than 2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo suspension, and the change in on the wheels. There was also some carbon inserts can also be seen in some parts, like the front bumper, side skirts, and also on the back of the car.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta interior

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Engine

As performed by the predecessor Ferrari 599, F12 Berlinetta time it will use a front engine, the steering system for the rear wheels (real-whell drive). The performance of the F12 Berlinetta is extremely fascinating and extraordinary, as supported by the 6262 cc 12-cylinder engine capable of producing 740 HP at 8500 rpm rotation and torque of 690 Nm at 6000 rpm rotation, with maximum torque of 509 lb-ft (690 Nm) . F12 Berlinetta able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.1 seconds, 0 to 200 km / h to 8.5 seconds. This is a sports car speeds above 340 km / h. It’s faster than 2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 in acceleration.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta wheels

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Performance

The team tested the 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta has shown speed in tests conducted at Fiorano circuit, the result is one lap in 1 minute 23 seconds. Note the time it beats 599 GTO, Ferrari Enzo, 458 Italia and 599 GTB. No wonder that many who call this Italian car product as the Prancing Horse’s fastest car.
Ferrari F12 Berlinetta since the beginning of the year has actually been introduced to the public, including the UK. Berlinetta also often present exhibitionist in international automobile exhibition. But Ferrari F12 Berlinetta officially the first time introduced to the public at the Geneva Motor Show 2012, and will likely go on sale in 2013.

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta top side

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Price

For the price determination for variant 2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta in England, the supercar will be priced at 239,317 pounds. According to the company Ferrari F12 Berlinetta will be offered with several types of options, such as carbon fiber racing seats plus the price of 4839 Pounds, carbon fiber license plate holder or carpet Alcantara. Everything is offered at different prices. In addition, the New Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is a vehicle that became the successor of the 599 GTB variants. The rider does not have to worry if you want to goad him on the road, because the status of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is already legal so you can carry it on a public road

2013 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta photo gallery

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