2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept

The Sergio is recognized by a simple and obvious style, that becomes unforgettable as soon as your understanding. Dimensions pressed towards the extreme, an involved top volume infiltrating right into a rear that’s forecasted forward, a attractive, three-dimensional meaning from the typical barchetta. The structure of these two body public via a longitudinal black place will become the design’s guideline. Two volumes that enfold from outdoors to within the vehicle, developing a division/union line between front and back. With the very fluid passage in one body to a different, an application which was homogeneous in the emphasized muscularity was obtained.

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept Exterior Front Side View

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept The Sergio additionally expresses an iconicity associated with ’60s Ferraris recommending protruding and sensuous wings inspired by people of sports activities cars and racing cars of this era, completed by compacting all volume add-on whenever possible. The ultimate lightness from the Sergio, which seems to drift using the front up, is a result of aerodynamic examine. Within the finest Pininfarina tradition, design and style isn’t an finish by itself, but mixes functionality and appearance.

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept Front Side View

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept

The leading semi-floating development using the spoiler underneath the front, expresses aesthetic pressure and it is simultaneously functional for that stabilisation from the aerodynamic load and also the warmth exchange. The aerodynamic deflector while watching cockpit also produces an online windshield with the deviation from the ventilation, safeguarding the people from turbulence. The roll bar, created like a wing surface, is perfectly updated towards the evolution from the flow from the front, adding an additional lower pressure effect. Finally, the trunk nolder and also the extractor close the look effectively and functionally. Still about the rules of aerodynamics, the rear-view mirror presumes a fluid form that, because of the flow from the front baffle, helps you to divert air in the heads from the people.

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept Front View

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept Interior View

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept Rear View

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept Side View

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