2013 Honda CR-V SUV efficiency functionality and secure

The quest for the right balance from a vehicle as well as an Vehicle affected every component of the expansion process, such as the exterior styling. Exterior Designer Manabu Konaka describes: “The Honda CR-V happens to be a vehicle for each occasion. It may be both casual and formal, however the aesthetic should always convey solidity and reliability.” The space and height from the vehicle happen to be reduced by 5 mm and 30 mm correspondingly in comparison using the current model, without lowering the usable interior space.

2013 Honda CR-V Font Side VIew

2013 Honda CR-V Front View

2013 Honda CR-V QUALITY AND FUNCTIONALITY, The interior planning concept for that new Honda CR-V continues the guy-maximum, machine-minimum philosophy. “The very first factor that people desired to achieve using the interior planning was a sense of openness,” states the inside Designer, Takehiro Ishibashi. “I needed to speak the sensation you receive whenever you stand on the top of the mountain, searching lower around the valley to see a panorama from the landscape. It’s a sense of freedom, space and timelessness.”


As because of so many aspects of the brand new CR-V, form and performance go submit submit the the rules of aerodynamics from the vehicle. The adoption of the flat under floor and sculptured wheelarches have smoothed the ventilation underneath the vehicle, while an extended roof coupled with aerodynamically optimized front bumper and rear spoiler assistance to manage the environment-flow within the body. 2013 Honda CR-V It makes sense a decrease in the drag coefficient of 6.5% in comparison using the current CR-V benefitting performance, gas mileage and reducing exhaust pollutants.

2013 Honda CR-V Interior View

2013 Honda CR-V Rear Side VIew

2013 Honda CR-V Side VIew

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