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2013 Honda CR-Z Exterior and interior enhance

The styling from the vehicle although the energy of both gas engine and motor unit continues to be elevated to 137 PS without composed of gas mileage or growing exhaust pollutants. The vehicle also includes a Lithium Ion battery the very first time along with a Plus Sport (S ) boost system to assist the motive force get the best utilization of this sporty performance. The modified Honda CR-Z goes on purchase in The month of january 2013. The 2013 CR-Z could be recognized by a variety of styling upgrades that stress the coupe’s sporty appeal. Style conscious drivers will understand the Honda CR-Z’s new front bumper design, which frames a modified grille.

2013 Honda CR-Z Front Side View

2013 Honda CR-Z Front View
2013 Honda CR-Z accompanied in the rear with a new aerodynamic diffuser design, while striking 17inch alloy wheels fill the wheel archways from the GT model. Two bold new colours, Energetic Yellow and Aurora Purple, further boost the CR-Z’s stylish looks. Honda has up-to-date the hybrid’s interior with a brand new colour plan, while revisions towards the door casings improve cabin storage.

2013 Honda CR-Z The Honda CR-Z’s 1.5-litre gas engine

Continues to be up-to-date with changes towards the variable valve timing system and Engine Control Unit (ECU). An anti-vibration knock sensor continues to be introduced and also the material from the crankshaft continues to be upgraded. The height energy output continues to be elevated from 114 PS to 121 PS. The electrical motor system has additionally been enhanced. 2013 Honda CR-Z  The modification from the Nickel-metal hybrid (Ni-MH) to some Lithium Ion battery continues to be supported by a rise in energy from 14 PS (10 kW) to twenty PS (15 kW).

2013 Honda CR-Z Interior View

2013 Honda CR-Z Rear Side View

2013 Honda CR-Z Side View

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