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2013 Honda N-One friendly and impressive

Individuality and innovativeness are expressed using the friendly and timeless hatchback style that was developed in the motif from the N360. You will find five color combinations for that 2-tone color style which better highlights the person tastes of clients. The Interior planning is straightforward but great attention was compensated to make sure the standard feel of materials in each and every detail. Comfort and a feeling of security were went after using the large-size bench chair. Using these factors, an appropriate cabin space was accomplished that individuals won’t grow fed up with despite prolonged use. A set and cleanly fit sound system display was utilized. By hooking up a wise phone using “InterNavi Pocket,” an authentic navigation system application produced by Honda, the navigation screen can be shown on screen from the sound system (manufacturer’s option).

2013 Honda N-One Front View

2013 Honda N-One Interior View
2013 Honda N-One High performance power unit which realizes top class driving performance and fuel economy: The DOHC Turbo engine outfitted having a high-performance turbo charger is created readily available for all grades and realizes driving performance equal to an automobile within the 1.3L class. Both smooth and effective driving and ideal gas mileage of 27.0km/L were recognized with the mixture of the DOHC engine, which realizes top quality output and torque, and brilliantly-updated CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

2013 Honda N-One Enhanced safety features which realize excellent safety performance

The very first time of all small-automobiles on the market, the Emergency Stop Signal (Ain) system, which responds to sudden stopping and rapidly blinks hazard lamps instantly to alert the motorists of trailing automobiles, is featured as standard equipment on all sorts. VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) product is standard equipment on all sorts. HSA (Hill Start Assist) system that temporarily prevents the automobile from moving backward when beginning with an upward incline is standard equipment on all sorts. Along side it curtain airbag system which will help mitigate mind impacts inside a side collision and also the front chair i-side airbag system are standard equipment on choose model types. 2013 Honda N-One The Pedestrian Injuries Minimization Body, featuring structures that absorb the outcome of the collision on the pedestrian’s mind and legs just in case of the collision, was utilized.Class-leading omni-directional collision safety performance was recognized using the recently-designed engine and new load distribution structure.

2013 Honda N-One Dashboard View

2013 Honda N-One Rear View

2013 Honda N-One Side View

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