Hyundai launched their flagship car products, this one is called type car 2013 Hyundai H1 Royale minivan. There are two versions of the Hyundai H1, the Diesel version and a version of the Royale which is the highest caste and most luxurious of Hyundai H1 variants.

2013 Hyundai H1 Royale front design


The outer shape of this 2013 Hyundai H1 Royale car looks like a mover transport for travel purposes or carrying passengers and is much larger than the 2014 Audi A3. Therefore Hyundai gave 2 options, namely models models with seat 9 passengers and 12 passengers who have 4 lines. Interestingly, for the passenger version 9 or called it XG models priced at a more expensive because it has a better luxury equipment such as rear view camera, roof mounted LCD screen. While for type Elegance which has a 4-row seats do not have such completeness. Even so, the four-line car seat is equipped with leather seats.

2013 Hyundai H1 Royale interior design

Unlike the Alphard and Nissan Serena. This car is not equipped with electric sliding doors on both doors middle. Neither the back door is not equipped with a power backdoor. But Hyundai ensures the door remains mild despite large to be opened and closed as long as the rail doors are always clean. Hyundai is also providing a special edition of the Hyundai H1 with automatic doors on the type Royale is more expensive than the XG. Only this special edition and limited. If you are minded to modify the door Hyundai H1 be electrically sliding doors you can buy outside an additional cost complete with vacuum door.

2013 Hyundai H1 Royale features

Headlamps with enlarges the width grill is the main characteristic that distinguishes 2013 Hyundai H1 Royale second-generation predecessor. Through this display also H1 feels like to pursue closest rival from Japan, Toyota Alphard. Hydraulic Power Assisted Steering system, Rack & Pinion also deserves thumbs up. Although felt a little heavy, but this is a positive character for large-sized van H1. Through the measured steering system is easily controlled H-1 like a minivan.

2013 Hyundai H1 Royale rear view


There are several advantages of 2013 Hyundai H1 Royale, because it has been equipped with features such as premium support and adoption of electric sliding door captain seat. In order for a luxurious feel increasingly felt the added wood accents on the dash and door trim. Hyundai H1 Royale Luxury at a glance it already can be felt especially when we get into the cabin.

2013 Hyundai H1 Royale steering wheel


For the engine, the Hyundai H1 Diesel version using CRDi diesel engine with a capacity of 2500 cc Hyundai has great torque and engine power over 170 HP is able to bring the car is faster than the vans in its class. Although not recommended, this car is still able to be filled with fuel regular diesel. It’s just the risk borne by the car owner. Because this car is recommended to use fuel diesel fuel
As for the Hyundai version Royale, uses a gasoline engine capacity of 2359 cc with a powerful 175 PS at 6,000 rpm rotation and torque 23.2 kg.m at 4,200 rpm which is channeled through a 4-speed automatic transmission.

2013 Hyundai H1 Royale cabin view

2013 Hyundai H1 Royale photo gallery

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