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Kia is reportedly preparing New 2013 Kia Rio. Kia Rio is the popular mass production car in the world today, so it was dubbed the people’s car. Latest sporty car was launched by American car company Kia Motors. And is currently being prepared is a city car 2013 Kia Rio, which has many changes including engine performance of the sector.

2013 Kia Rio Front

2013 Kia Rio Exterior

The presence of Kia Motors in the automotive industry market, making consumers increasingly diverse choices. Some refreshment will be received by the 2013 Kia Rio, and in the process now Kia Rio has improved, with the addition of torque, interior and exterior improvements, especially in the highest version (LX). Its exterior is smaller than 2013 Porsche Cayman Turbo S at all.

2013 Kia Rio Rear View

Through Rio variant, which has a unique shape is apparently making consumers interested in a closer look. Facelift last done by Kia Motors for Rio in 2013. And refreshment planning time is not independent of the competitors that will go as Hyundai. Its Exterior is equipped with sporty and aerodynamics design.
In addition to energy resources sector, said 2013 Kia Rio will also get a lot of change in the design of both the exterior and interior. Preparation is none other than to face market competition from cheap car Suzuki Alto, Hyundai Eon is expected to be ready even born back in 2014.

2013 Kia Rio Front Side View

2013 Kia Rio Interior

Originally Rio standard version, ie, with air conditioning, and radio or power steering. The interior design of Kia Rio is completed by modern navigation and lots of another features. That’s why people is given more enjoyment in riding this aerodynamics car.

2013 Kia Rio Interior

2013 Kia Rio Navigation

2013 Kia Rio Engine

Initially the Kia has a powered engine with 4-cylinder engine capacity of 110 hp. This car also meets American emission standards and emission standards of Europe.
Addition will provide engine variant with CNG and diesel, 2013 Kia Rio will reportedly get a new engine capacity of 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine which its capabilty reaches 104 hp with a manual five-speed or automatic four-speed transmission. Type larger engine option will be a model variant which is less expensive than 2013 Kia Sportage Platinum.

2013 Kia Rio Engine

2013 Kia Rio Price

As previously said Kia will still provide four-cylinder engine choices as entry-level model. And the interesting part of all this change is the price of a cheap car, Kia Rio version is expected to be priced at U$ 13,600. 2013 Kia Rio is the pride of the owner of Kia Motors.

2013 Kia Rio Photo Gallery

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