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2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept

The Toyota ME.WE Concept vehicle may be the innovative consequence of a partnership between Toyota European Design & Development (ED2) and Jean-Marie Massaud, the famous creative designer acclaimed for his visionary projects in design and architecture. For ED2, which signed a partnership agreement with Studio Massaud in This summer 2011, it is all about gaining knowledge from a distinctive collaboration resulting in a task that marks a paradigm change in comparison to traditional vehicle design and engineering.

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept, For Jean-Marie Massaud, the ambition would be to ‘instill’ human, economic and environment challenges right into a realistic conception of the ‘anti-crisis’ vehicle for today.

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Exterior View

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Front Side View

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Front View

The shared vision between your design center of among the world’s biggest vehicle producers and also the visionary independent designer has created a distinctive concept with 3 primary aims:

Pertinence. A separate but considered vision from the vehicle, instead of simply an intellectualised indisputable fact that Jean-Marie Massaud is creating with Toyota. The mission would be to deliver an absorbing physical experience that’s adaptable to a multitude of life styles, alongside the fundamental need for prime quality and innovation.

Synthesis. Reduction and consolidation – a strategy with different genuine change from auto industry tradition, to get rid of excess and suggest a different way of reacting to the way we behave and also the anticipation we’ve, along with a proposal to have an alternative synthesis according to personal choice within the fields of car architecture, cost reduction and user behavior.

Modernity. This is the time to challenge current conventions and search for change. A vehicle that’s unsatisfied simply with searching good, but goes further with the go through it offers, the intelligence of their solutions and it is need to exceed our needs. Ultimately, a vehicle that reflects the of forward-thinking people, instead of simply reflecting their social status.

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Interior View

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Rear Side View

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Rear View

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Side View

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept Up View

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