2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy-Volkswagen (VW) is often referred to as the “people’s car” did not want to fall behind in terms of innovation. Some time ago the German company has released a new variant to strengthen their position as one of the world’s biggest automobile industry. The new product is the 2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy, which is a blend of crossover with Van cars. If most cars made by Volkswagen made with Retro style, but not for the Cross Caddy. This time 2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy makes the car off-road dynamics. Volkswagen has previously been issued Caddy type car since 1980, and its variants continue to update until now. Each production VW Caddy, always related to the previous output cars like the Typ 14Volkswagen Golf Mk1, Typ 2k Volkswagen Touran and Typ 9 Volkswagen Polo Mk3.

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy front left angle

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy Exterior

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy was first introduced to the public at the Commercial Vehicles Show 2012 in Hannover, Germany. Moreover Cross Caddy also displayed at the event PARIS MOTOR SHOW on 29 September 2012 last. What’s interesting is how it looks Cross Caddy seem very dynamic and modern, different from the classic Van cars. Appearance typical of Volkswagen Cross Cady can be seen on the front grill with the emblem of the line model and “VW” in the middle. Cross Caddy use side door by way of slidin opened, it is extremely different with 2013 Toyota Venza which has luxurious interior.

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy interior

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy Interior

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy has a modern engine technology, supported by machine-type variation TSO, TDI, Natural Gas and LPG. Generated power car reaches 86 ps to 170 ps. Furthermore Volkswagen Cross Caddy also issued another version that uses a dual clutch transmission engines (DSG) and Four Wheel drive 4Motion, this variant makes Cross Cady more powerful.

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy headlight

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy Features

Another innovation for 2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy is made with the addition of tinted glass, alloy wheels of 17 inches with a ring and silver-colored roof rails or you can choose another color. In this part of the wheel arches fitted with protective plastic, so it is safe from damage. Even protective metal also placed well at the bottom of the front and rear body. Caddy Cross Design interior has a sporty motif, with front seats with leather door trim are wrapped in two colors, black and other colors according body color.

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy rear end angle

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy Market Area

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy plan will be marketed starting early 2013 in Europe. the car also offered two options, namely 5 – or 7 passengers – passengers. Volkswagen makes Cross Caddy cars with eight colors, and one color that is relatively new is the “Viper Green”. The green color was adopted from a VW Scirocco which last issued in 2008. In addition there are two types of machines are available, namely gasoline and diesel engines.

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy front

But uniquely, the Volkswagen company explained that they do not sell cars van production to the United States. Is this a marketing policy of the company or anything to do with World War II? because of the history, the Volkswagen company closely associated with Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party which is an enemy of the United States. What is clear, until now Volkswagen has not published how much the price offered for the 2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy.

2013 Volkswagen Cross Caddy photo gallery

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