2014 BMW X5 elegant blend of robust presence and dynamic flair

Signature BMW design features mix with indisputable presence, robustness and flexibility to lend BMW X models their distinctive appearance. Which design language continues to be given a contemporary and eye-catching update for that new BMW X5. The proportions from the third-generation Game Vehicle are once more based on a brief front overhang, lengthy wheelbase, upright A-support beams and also the short distance between your front axle and instrument panel. The particularly muscular style of the BMW kidney grille, set inside the triangular from the twin circular car headlights and front foglamps, and also the bumper’s X-formed contour lines also measure the level out as part of the BMW X model family.

2014 BMW X5 Exterior Rear View

2014 BMW X5 Front Side View

2014 BMW X5 Interior design: high-quality materials, luxurious ambience, cutting-edge functionality. The inside from the new BMW X5 is both elegant and generously sized. The horizontal structure from the layered surfaces underlines the broad sweep from the instrument panel and for that reason even the impressive quantity of space on board. Plus, the 3-dimensional style of the surfaces also creates vibrant contrasts.

2014 BMW X5 Astute individualisation Two new “design mobile phone industry’s” for that exterior and interior from the new BMW X5 could be purchased instead of the conventional specs, enabling an astutely judged degree of logos. Each package signifies a harmonious mixture of design, colours and materials. The look mobile phone industry’s for that exterior and interior could be selected individually – i.e. clients can mix both of them with each other with standard specs, as preferred. Additionally, the 2 interior planning packages can be found in in conjunction with the M Sport package. The look mobile phone industry’s also encompass the brand new-look handheld remote control key with operating buttons within an very high-quality design.

2014 BMW X5 Front View

2014 BMW X5 INterior View

2014 BMW X5 Rear Side View

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