2014 Ferrari Enzo F70Ferrari officially began to publish and showed pictures of Enzo Ferrari F70 cars for 2014, and this latest supercar will be appearing at the Detroit Auto Show 2013. Ferrari F70 more sophisticated than rival, the McLaren P1. The new Enzo Ferrari to use more sophisticated materials for the body of carbon fiber so there is a reduction in weight to 70 kg or 20% lighter than the Enzo and design utilizing Formula 1 aerodynamics. This car will come out at the end of this year and certainly will be produced with a limited series like the Enzo before.

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Front View

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Interior and Exterior

A source at Ferrari said, the model for the Enzo successor will experience a delay in the launch. But official sources have not been willing to disclose about the price and the certainty of a supercar that will be referred to as the Ferrari F70 or F150 was launched.
The ability of this car is worth a double thumbs up, the article generated a greater power to 850 PS the previous 750PS. Additional 100 PS obtained from the electric motor works by using Hy-KERS technology. Besides applying torque-vectoring system new.

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Front

Placement of different engine Berlinetta, Ferrari put the engine behind the cabin and in front of the rear axle. Position using a double-clutch transmission and the differential is positioned a bit low. The goal, engine crankshaft aligned with the center of the wheel. While the battery is also placed lower, right behind the driver’s seat. Successor of the iconic 2014 Ferrari Enzo F70, it uses 70 kilograms of carbon fiber monocoque, lighter than 2014 Ford Atlas F-150 fiber.

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Steering Wheel

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Engine

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 is powered with a capacity of 6.3-liter V12 engine that can catapult power of 800 hp. Amazingly again with such great power Enzo hypercar will be armed with hybrid technology and will be the first Ferrari to adopt these technologies. Version V12 6.3-liter engine gives a chance to reach the point of 800 hp, but with the addition of the latest technology from Ferrari Rocovery Kinetic System (KERS) and the addition of an electric motor-powered 120 hp, then Enzo hybrid can produce a total output reaches 920 hp. power an electric motor capable of adding about 100 horsepower with 200 lb-ft of torque. More details about the Ferrari F70 is still limited and will be announced ahead of Ferrari debut next year.

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Engine

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Performance

An extraordinary achievement. Given previous Ferrari Enzo able to achieve 100km/jam within 3.14 seconds. With a maximum speed of 350 km / h and can shoot up to 650 HP to the rear wheels. With two benches, Enzo F70 is also equipped with KERS hybrid system that had only consumed F1 racing cars. In addition, the chassis made from lightweight and strong also imposed on this violent car. That said, the weight of the resulting 20 percent lighter than the previous model Enzo. Another source close to the Ferrari reveals, design and engineering F70 (F150) are handled directly by Rory Byrne who we know as the figure behind the Ferrari F1 technical.

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Exterior View

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Price

Not good news for those who waited for this supercar Ferrari logo. Therefore, the Italian manufacturer is not planning to sell New F70 hers with a standard price. Predicted rates, New F70 least 800 thousand Pounds. 2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 will be a production car Ferrari has the highest speed. Ferrari F70 will be placed to compete with P1 McLaren as main rivals.

2014 Ferrari Enzo F70 Photo gallery

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