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2014 Honda Civic Tourer Functionality & Form: No compromise on design or space

“I’m very happy with the Social Tourer’s sporty, sleek and dynamic proportions, which somewhat hide the car’s true functionality and flexibility. To attain true utility on the compact vehicle, you need to consider how you can take full advantage of the area within the cabin, which generally may also affect the look. Because of the clever platform from the Social, we’d freedom to optimise the package. The finish outcome is a vehicle which has almost a sports-vehicle silhouette. For me personally, the effectiveness of the vehicle may be the synergy of functionality, flexibility, and dynamic expression.” Adrian Killham, Large Project Leader, Social Tourer.

2014 Honda Civic Tourer Front Side View

2014 Honda Civic Tourer Front View

2014 Honda Civic Tourer exterior design sophisticated and sporty, its style is determined with a bold line that runs continuously in the front A-pillar towards the D-pillar allowing the impression of the floating roof line. The expansion team for that Honda Social Tourer spent enough time focusing on new methods to interpret this portion of the vehicle to provide a sense of premium value and character. The glass from the rear quarter window continues to be extended to pay for your body work from the D-pillar and also the rear door sash continues to be elevated by 17mm in comparison towards the Social 5-door to allow this bold styling line and creating a stylish look.

2014 Honda Civic Tourer Driving Performance

The Honda Social Tourer will feature either the1.6 i-DTEC engine in the Earth Dreams Technology series or even the 1.8 i-VTEC engine in manual or automatic transmission. 1.6 i-DTEC The Fir.6 i-DTEC diesel engine was initially put on the Social 5-door and subsequently towards the new CR-V. The engine may be the to begin Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology series to become introduced in Europe. The philosophy behind Earth Dreams Technologies are to provide a remarkable balance between gas mileage and driving performance which is certainly the situation within the Social Tourer. The Fir.6 i-DTEC engine is composed of the aluminium cylinder mind became a member of for an open deck aluminium block and it is the least heavy diesel engine in the class. 2014 Honda Civic Tourer The mechanical friction continues to be reduced to the stage same as a gas engine. All of the rotating parts happen to be carefully optimized to lower their friction, assisting to provide excellent gas mileage although ensuring the brand new Honda Social Tourer is fun they are driving.

2014 Honda Civic Tourer Interior View

2014 Honda Civic Tourer Rear Side View

2014 Honda Civic Tourer Rear View

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