2014 Seat Leon SC

The brand new Chair Leon SC is made in the Martorell plant near Barcelona in the country. Because the premiere from the first Leon generation in 1999, Chair has offered believe it or not than 1. two million automobiles out of this effective model line.

2014 Seat Leon SC Front Side View

The whole engine line-up for that new 2014 Seat Leon SC is composed solely of turbocharged, direct-injection models. The TSI and TDI engines, varying in displacement from 1.2 to two. litres, span a energy spectrum of 63 kW (86 ps) to 135 kW (184 ps) and mix excellent efficiency with refined dynamics. The Fir.6 TDI with 77 kW (105 ps) and outfitted using the stop/start system makes use a typical fuel use of just 3.8 litres of diesel per 100 kms, equating to some CO2 figure of just 99 grams per km.

2014 Seat Leon SC Front View

2014 Seat Leon SC Interior Details View

2014 Seat Leon SC Interior Rear Seat View

2014 Seat Leon SC

Similar to the five-door Leon, Chair is providing the Leon SC within the equipment lines Leon, Reference and elegance, along with the especially sporty FR. The latest drives, systematic lightweight design, a wonderfully updated suspension, modern infotainment and intelligent assistance systems result in the three-door Leon SC a real technology showcase – and every one of it in an very attractive cost.

2014 Seat Leon SC Interior Side Dashboard Details View

2014 Seat Leon SC Interior View

2014 Seat Leon SC Rear Side View

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