Classic american muscle cars

Is that arise in your mind when I mention the Classic American muscle cars? Classic cars with high performance made ​​in America. This car – sedan shaped with two-doors, rear-wheel drive and a V8 engine. There are two types of classic muscle cars that captured the attention of many car enthusiasts. Namely the Chevy Camaro and Ford Mustang. Both of these cars are brand car that has no doubt its performance. However, both types of these cars continue to compete.

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In addition to these two well-known brands are actually a lot more Classic American muscle cars like the Oldsmobile 442 W – 30 1970, Pontiac Firebird Trans Am SD455 1974, Buick GSX Stage 1 1970, Buick GSX Stage 1, the Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454 LS6 1970, Pontiac GTO Judge Ram Air IV 1970, Ford Mustang GT500KR 1968 and several other brands.
In this article I will provide some pictures of Classic American muscle cars. If you are interested, maybe you can equip your classic car collection. You can choose which car you want according to the budget you have.
For those of you who like a challenge, something new and liked the dashing car with exceptional specifications, this car is right for you. Imagine when you perform the movement with the rear wheels, while doing some of your driving skills. I’m sure all eyes are on you and your Classic American muscle cars.

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