Comfort Ride with Mini Cooper 2015. There are some highlights you will find if you look at Mini Cooper 2015 if it is compared to the previous years of production. The Mini cooper is a car in hatchback type which is fuel in economy because of this car is high in mileage. It is around 29 to drive in city road and reaches 40 to ride on highway road. With the engine type is gas, the cooper uses 6-speed manual as the transmission, inline 3 in the cylinder and use front wheel drive for the drive train. You can have the base model for this mini cooper along with the Bluetooth and heated seats with the total seating are four.

The price is around $20,700 for you to prepare the money if you have decided buy the Mini Cooper 2015. Do not worry about the design of the exterior and interior because with that price, or it is $19,660 for the price in base invoice, you can get good car. You can choose the color that you like for your new car because mini cooper to use in 2015 is available with red, blue, silver, white, and other interesting color for the exterior color. There is also choices color for the roof color and interior color.

Then, if you have this car as your new car, the car has good performance and it is easier in handling the car. The safety is also in good quality so do the fuel which is economical. About the features is also fit your needs because the car give what the passenger wants such as the seating which is comfortable because it upholstered with good quality material and the entertainment device which  is also up to date. Those are makes the user feel comfort to ride with the Mini Cooper 2015.

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