Classic American Cars – The forties was difficult for Ford: Easel visionary genius and son of Henry Ford died suddenly in 1943; Henry himself died in 1947 and was replaced by his inexperienced grandson 28 years.

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In addition, Ford had stopped all production of civilian vehicles in 1942 to add towards the effort of the Allies in World War II , and the company was in a financially critical state due to the end of the war. Ford still managed to produce memorable vehicles.

1. F Series Pickups

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Classic American cars in 1948, Ford introduced its new trucks as “Bonus-Built”. Bodies elegant with headlights placed carefully in the defense, big and comfortable cabins “a million dollars” and one-piece windshield I resulted in huge sales. The series went from half-ton F-1 to the three HD tones and transmission combined threes V6 and V8. The seat was done with a table placed between the metal stamping.

2. Ford 49

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Considered the most revolutionary Ford never produced before, the Ford Classic American Cars 1949s has been called “the car that saved Ford.” It was thoroughly modern: an elegant and “flat” body without protrusions of yore, a huge awning, horizontal taillights and a chrome grille with the iconic elongated nose. The interior space crowned with a board inspired by aircraft in which the designers had flown over Europe; the actual car had much better visibility as well as a smoother ride than the first Ford thanks to the placement of the seats involving the axles, a stiffer chassis, a combination of shock absorbers and coil front and rear longitudinal springs. The SV V8 Ford engine made 100 horsepower available to the driver. Available in Coupe, Sedan Two and four-door wagon and convertible wood, Ford 49 came in ten colors. Called “incredibly new Ford” magazine “Popular Mechanics” was a real success with 1.1 million sold.

3. Deluxe postwar

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Classic American Cars After the war, the Deluxe line back with a few improvements. Recent horizontal grille sported galvanized vertical red stripes and hid 100hp V8. The Super Deluxe had a beautiful two-tone interior. The Special disappeared and was replaced by the magnificent and expensive Sportsman 47, a convertible with wood trim with wood inside and out. For those wishing to obtain a similar style for less, Ford Super Deluxe offered the van. In 1948, the chrome grille disappeared but continued to seize the new models. Unfortunately, even this could not change the fact that postwar Ford looked outdated.

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