The second edition S-Max, 2015 Ford S-MAX, has been announced in Paris, France, as the initial appearance. The Ford is one of the best car producers in the world. Each of his works is a quality assurance 1st class car. Especially Ford S-Max, the car is right for your family in a private car. The most obvious thing is the number of the car seat that much, or rather is 7 seats. All the seats are mounted on a large interior space and extra comfort for the driver and the passenger seat to the rear. In addition, it is a big cargo design of an all-new MPV honorably.

2015 Ford S-MAX

2015 Ford S-MAX

It seems like the first thing that must be reviewed is the performance of 2015 Ford S-MAX. The edition has held seats fast. The front seat is an open hand to boot. The car has a guarantee of safety as a slave from the air bag and an electric column. The Ford has Sync tool controller as a modern activity. The activities, for example, are voice activated, noise control, active camera, with WI-Fi activity, and the hyperactive audio system. Many beautiful family moments that can be recorded in your memory of the various activities are likely to be created in the extra large car space. Suppose your family picnic with this car, definitely leaving and the return trip will not be bored.

Not complete if it has been talked about performance of the car 2015 Ford S-Max, without talking about its engine performance. The engine is a petrol engine. The car has all-wheel drive, front and back. You can get extra experience with owning and drive 2015 Ford S-Max. It has an Adaptive Steering. The steering system is authentic from Ford special for every loyal customer. The system has a design for quick response and further steer a steady speed control. There is also a special additional control features that are only found in Ford cars just like the Torque Steer and Active Nibble.

The impression is yours. More detailed explanation of the engine performance of 2015 Ford S-Max is asfollows. With 6 speed manual transmission, the car has various engine types. First, it is 111-bhp/2.0 liter TDCI engine. The version is more powerful 148-HP/2.0 liters with a twofold automatic grip. You may choose the petrol engine line-up renewed the which contains the 158-bhp/1.5 liter Eco-Boost manual or the S-Max ST roommate has a 237-bhp/Eco-Boost 2.0 liters automatic Mixtures. For the diesel adjacent, it may have an innovative 118-bhp/2.0 liters TDC-I. The last, as the most power-shift of reflex transmission or manual kit revises both 148-bhp and 178-bhp/2.0 liters TDC-is.

The Ford S-Max will be on the market as the Summer of 2015, the next year. Or it may be speculated to release in early 2015 date of this explanation. So if you invite interesting power on Ford cars, it is better you start saving now to buy one car preparation will be the best car of this family. Nevertheless, a broad feature space could be the reason that the car is suitable for commercial activities. What is the price? It is very cheap as the medium. The price starts at £23.310. However, it is not an exact price. The price of 2015 Ford S-MAX may increase is, overtime since the launch in Paris in the next Summer.

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