The Ford Eco Sport could be a mini auto vehicle (SUV). The Eco Sport is taken into account because the City’s strongest challenger, notably in diesel gloss. Conjointly the New 2014 Honda City has got to avoid onerous competition from this phase leader.

The New Honda City usually prices quite the top-end Eco Sport. There square measure several options that these cars share in common square measure in-car recreation system with Bluetooth property, climate-control air-conditioning, ABS and power windows. Few further feature enclosed within the Ford Eco Sport is its Alloy wheels, animal skin upholstery, integrated flip indicators within the mirrors, button stop/start perform, rear parking sensors and 4 further airbags for safety.

The Eco Sport’s one.5-litre TDCi engine conveys 91PS of power with 204Nm of force and one.5-litre i-DTEC Honda town engine blow out 100PS power with a lesser 200Nm of force. Because of its heavier weight and better coefficient of drag Eco sport is a smaller amount fast than 2014 Honda city. The new 2014 Honda city diesel is an easy automobile to drive. On the road, the six speed case and economical engine build it a relaxed cruiser. it’s lightweight on its feet and might handle fast directional changes well.

Both the cars have totally different body designs as they belongs with two different segments. The Honda city Diesel could be a higher midsize sedan whereas the Eco Sport is a effective compact SUV.

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