Many of you might have never4 heard about 2015 GTA Spano. This car is one of the best sport cars that are handmade. Yes, this car is manufactured in Valencia, Spain as one of the best handmade car in the industry. Even though this car is handmade, does not mean that the performance of this sport car is below average. That is because the performance of this car turns out to be something that makes many people wants to buy this car.

For your information, this sport car is using V10 engine type. The engine is a little bit similar with the one that you can find in Dodge Viper. However, some people think that the downgrading of the displacement of the engine is going to affect the performance of this car. The previous edition of GTA Spano is using 8.3-Liter displacement engine and the 2015 GTA Spano is using 8.0-Liter displacement engine. However, you will not need to worry since the engine of this car is also changed to fill the space. If you used to drive the Turbocharged engine from GTA Spano, now you will not be able to find such engine since you can only find the Twin Turbocharged engine that will take you to the highest speed of this car.

For your information, that engine specification is able to take you to the highest speed of 230 miles per hours. This number is considerably better than some of its competitors are. However, the speed is not only affected by the engine, but also because of the strong and lightweight material of this car. Therefore, you will need to thank to the material used for manufacturing this car too. If you want to get this new generation of 2015 GTA Spano, then you will need to prepare around 450,000 US dollar.

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