Jeep cars have been spread around the world as similar as its model of white jeep wrangler at the market. This Wrangler was created by the roots of being back to Willy’s Jeep which used for World War II. Today, this Wrangler is being the iconic car which has the best pure and the most SUV capability cars. The latest model of this Wrangler is available with four door and two door version. This has been updated with the muscular engine which is a V6 and also better with the interior changes that make this Wrangler into a better truck for a daily driver.

Talking about the detail of the recent changes, this white jeep wrangler is updated with the standard audio system which uses eight speakers. More, the Torx tool kit is available to make the top roof and the doors removed. More, this Wrangler is also upgraded with the engine. The engine itself is upgraded into a V6 engine. Although the previous Wrangler is also used V6 engine, the different comes from the capacity which the recent Wrangler used 3.8 liter V6 and today Wrangler uses 3.6 liter Pentstar V6. The changes may be small but the power is increased about 40% come aside with the economy fuel consumption too. The engine has the ability to produce 285 HP at 6.400 RPM with 260 lb/ft of torque at 4.00 RPM. This ability is also used with the regular unleaded fuel.

The white jeep wrangler comes with the Mercedes Benz’s design where this Jeep uses five-speed auto transmission in upgrading the previous which is four-speed transmission. There is also the six-speed transmission which is manual and being the standard for this Wrangler line. This transmission is being mated with the Pentastar engine inside. More, about the fuel consumption, this Wrangler can produce 17/21 mpg with, the transmission by two doors Wrangler. It is also capable in tow a burden which has 2.000 pounds.

Not only for the engine and the engine’s capabilities that have been changed, this white jeep wrangler is also changed to the interior which makes this Jeep becomes more hospitable car. The interior is coming with the dashboard that has a more upscale design which being the basic layout model. There are also more about the features inside that one of them can be used for knowing the location of the car. More, the seats are created with richer materials and make the interior more inviting than before. The cargo space is also increased into 61.2 cubic feet if the rear seats are folded.

The central component inside makes this Wrangler’s appearance into the open air motoring. This makes new experience for the buyers where the buyers can choose the windows which are available in hard top three pieces durable glass windows or plastic windows of a soft top. Those options are available to be removed in order to have a sunny days advantage. Moreover, the side doors are also capable to be removed only with a screwdriver. More, the most interesting of white jeep wrangler is about the premium soft top which can be cleaned easier than the standard top. White Jeep Wrangler Review

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